Can’t recognize your bounce visitors that you’ve already paid for?

Caltat is an email marketing platform that allows you to contact unidentified visitors who abandon your site.

Extend your current email campaigns to a much larger audience

Your current retargeting campaigns for abandoned cart and abandoned product are very effective – but you only email those customers who have already left their email address. That’s about 10% of your visitors.

Caltat extends your audience up to 25% of the 90% of your unidentified visitors.

About 90% of your visitors are currently unconverted and unidentified.
Email converts 16x better than retargeted ads

We make Trigger campaigns for:

Abandoned cart
email the 90% that didn’t convert
Abandoned product
also used for booking and subscription
Thank you letter
for unregistered customers

How does it work:

mln email addresses
partners providing cookie and email match
TB of user behavior data monthly

Caltat integration

Takes 2 simple steps:
Add a line of JS code to your web site
Upload XML catalog to our database
Dynamic email content
Emails are personalized for each visitor, based on their behavior on-site.
Send multiple emails per campaign
Set timing for each email in the series, from minutes after abandon to weeks later.
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